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Danfore lighting | 2014 white LED product prices continue to decline | China led lighting,led spotlights,led bulb,led tube,led
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2014 white LED product prices continue to decline

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"The recent shipment data Taiwanese manufacturers are not all good factors to stimulate sector rise , the industry chain and major manufacturers have shipped strategy for 2014 clearly downstream elements of the current industry to see more LED lighting market in 2014 determinants . "LED research analyst Wang told reporters flying .

LED industry research firm released LED epitaxy and LED package index shows the index into since November 2013 , the two indices appear bottom upward trend , in which epitaxial index points upside from early 1850 to 2569.8 points, Package Index upside from 3800 points to 4324.1 points nearby , close to the high of 2013 last quarter when the LED manufacturers round of large-scale distribution , showing the capacity of the entire LED industry trend hyperactive .

At the same time , offer 2014 white LED mainstream products in continuous decline, which ,36 -50 lumens bulb fell 6% ,120 -140 lumen bulb fell 3 percent , the price of LED lighting products have been very incandescent Price close proximity of the " sweet spot ."

An LED industry analyst , said the China Securities Journal reporter , from a fundamental point of view , LED lighting is the 2014 industry growth of well-defined , mainly because of falling prices , market acceptance has matured, manufacturers of very strong willingness to promote , plus LED channel change speed, large-scale sales of LED lighting products provide a new increment.

Research agency expects the global market penetration of LED lighting products are being improved rapidly , in 2014 the output value of LED lighting products will reach $ 17.8 billion , the overall number of LED lighting products shipped 1.32 billion , compared with 2013 growth of 68% year on year .

" Compared to the slowdown of intelligent machines and wearable uncertainty , LED technology in the industry has matured, together with the upstream vendors such as China continue to overweight Sanan Optoelectronics subsequent production capacity has a high probability event , have reached a tacit agreement on the downstream LED lighting will promote them smooth, which makes the industry's continued good performance of LED -related companies . " Wang Fei said , but the effects of the late differentiation within the industry is also evident in the resources within the same industry chain will tilt to large enterprises , has the upper hand in the company's future first-mover advantage will be very obvious.

LED research institutions that , in the Chinese market, not only the layout of the emerging LED light source LED manufacturers active market , with the advantages of traditional brands and pipeline lighting manufacturers are also actively take physical store network and two-pronged approach to expand the LED lighting business , government level also working through subsidies, play an active role to promote the development of LED industry , but because the upstream device to defuse excessive subsidies lead to overcapacity problems and business failures expected in 2014 China LED lighting products will be increased by 86%.

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