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Danfore lighting | Rectangular LED lighting leading lighting brands Times | China led lighting,led spotlights,led bulb,led tube

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Rectangular LED lighting leading lighting brands Times

Looking at the current lighting industry , international giants force, broad industry consolidation. A " giant step up the acquisition of international penetration ", " domestic giants quickly turned the bow ," the two situations . LED is in a blowout of historical development, in 2015 the overall LED lighting output value will reach 450 billion , mobile LED lighting applications in the future to reach 80 billion , LED lighting penetration rate of over 50% , industry prospects . 2015 , LED lighting structure will be further optimized, form 10-15 master core technologies , well-known brands with more intellectual property to produce several strong competitive enterprises . King of the dispute will be staged , top brands will soon appear.

However, the current LED market prices vary , of varying quality , channel cohabitation , the industry is facing depth adjustment . LED market growing demand , a number of factors in the inspection of the manufacturer's market power . Development which way to go , whether the market will face a new round of reshuffle, the major manufacturers are urgent to think about.

" Reshape the traditional pattern of trade , the domestic LED lighting to create the first brand " in the LED industry is currently rudderless , pattern undecided situation, rectangular LED lighting lead the attack sent a signal to the LED title. All along, the rectangular LED lighting committed to advancing the development of LED lighting in the area , to enhance the production scale, technology and product innovation, marketing efforts and improve the corporate governance structure , to further strengthen the company 's core competitiveness. Rectangular LED lighting has a sound and strong domestic manufacturing LED lighting R & D team , to build a scientific and rational modern R & D system. Close attention to the market and the latest information and trends to ensure that international standards and marketable products , comprehensive close to the market and meet consumer demand , abandon blind competition , behind the expansion of the low-end model of development , explore science and technology innovation, quality upgrading , is a rectangular LED lighting to create a new road of brand development, will establish a model for the industry .

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